Canadian Society For Jewish Studies 

Société canadienne des etudes juives

Canadian Society for Jewish Studies -Annual General Meeting, June 3, 2019

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The meeting convened at 9:00 AM in room 222, Social Work Building, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Present: Ira Robinson (president), Daniel Maoz, Simcha Fishbane, Justin Jaron Lewis (taking minutes), Sandy Robinson; [late arrivals] Jonathan Bourgel, Yosef Robinson, Ben Baader, Danny Rosenberg

Revision to minutes: addition of point 6a after elections: Next Year’s Conference

1.  Call to order (Robinson)

2.  Agenda Approved: Fishbane/Maoz

3.  Minutes of 2018 AGM approved: Fishbane/Maoz

4.  Business Arising: none

5.  President’s Report:

Robinson reported that after more than a decade the society is alive at its annual conference, but has not fulfilled the potential that a Canadian society for Jewish Studies could have. It is a minimalist organization that fulfills an interesting and somewhat important niche. It might go further in future.

Discussion: This society covers most of the field of Jewish Studies and therefore is important. More effort would be needed to attract more of the Jewish Studies scholars and students in Canada. What are we offering to potential members? Maoz reviewed the history of the ACJS’ exclusion of non-Canadian Jewish Studies, and his own successful efforts as membership chair of ACJS. Someone should take on this role for CSJS.

Treasurer’s Report:

Robinson submitted the financial report for April 30 2018 to April 30 2019. Accepted (Lewis / Fishbane)

6.  Elections 

       After discussion of the role of Vice President / Program Chair, it was decided that Maoz remains Vice President while Lewis becomes Program Chair for the coming year – with assistance from Maoz for coordinating the program for the next conference with presenters and ACJS.

Jonathan Bourgel joined the Executive as a member at large.

Slate, moved by Fishbane/Maoz, unanimously elected:

Ira Robinson, President

Daniel Maoz, Vice-President

Aviva Atlani, Treasurer

Deidre Butler, Secretary

 Justin Jaron Lewis, Program Chair

Members of Executive: 

     Jonathan Bourgel 

     Carrie Bettel

     Simcha Fishbane

     Sarah Gelbard

     Howard Gontovnick

     Yael Halevi-Wise

     Laura Wiseman


6a  – Next Year’s Conference

We have several options: 

Partner with ACJS as usual at Congress 2020; 

  • if ACJS holds a separate conference, partner with another association at Congress,
  • or partner with ACJS at their separate conference;
  • or hold our own separate conference, maybe at Concordia where Robinson has resources.

Our executive will discuss our options by email.

Maoz noted that a separate conference is viable; we have regularly had about 20 presenters (comparable to about 24 for ACJS) and with From Antiquity to the Postmodern World and From Something to Nothing, we have the beginnings of a book series. 

7.  Good and welfare:

  • Fishbane suggested that CSJS could establish an award (which could be non-monetary) for a scholar in our field. To be discussed.
  • Maoz suggested that we convey our appreciation to Jesse at ACJS for his help with coordinating the program; agreed.

CSJS will again contribute $180 to ACJS as an affiliated society (ACJS also gets the registration fees of Congress attendees.)

A concern was raised that several members of the Executive have not come to the conference for several years. They are encouraged to come, since the conference is the heart of our society’s activities.

Motion to adjourn (Fishbane / Maoz)