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ברוכים הבאים

Welcome to the website of the Canadian Society for Jewish Studies ~ Société canadienne d’études juives. The organization was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2004 with the goal of promoting and facilitating the development and dissemination in Canada of research in all areas of Jewish Studies.

The purpose of the society is to provide a scholarly community and venue for the presentation of academic research in Jewish Studies, primarily for faculty members, graduate students, and independent scholars living in Canada. Residence in Canada is not required for membership or participation. Individuals who are interested in Jewish Studies are welcome to join, encouraged to become more involved with the organization, and participate in its growth.

Laura Wiseman

York University

Deidre Butler

Carleton University

Ira Robinson

Concordia University
immediate past-president

Daniel Maoz

Martin Luther University College
immediate past vice president

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Canadian Society for Jewish Studies, 20th Anniversary Conference

York University, Toronto, Canada, May 28-30, 2024

We look forward to welcoming members to our conference. Please contact to receive a copy of our final conference schedule.

Conférence du 20e anniversaire de la Société canadienne d’études juives

Université York, Toronto, Canada, du 28 au 30 mai, 2024

Membership renewal for 2024 is underway
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CSJS Academic Statement

CSJS welcomes research and analysis in all areas of Jewish Studies. Jewish Studies encompass scholarship with a wide reach, stemming from their complex, interdisciplinary nature. In their embrace is the breadth of the Jewish experience through the centuries and across the globe, of Jews and Jewish communities in various milieux, as well as in majority, minority, and integrated circumstances. Broadly, the areas of study range from antiquity to the present, from classical and contemporary scholarship to postmodern matters. They include research and analysis of source texts, texts and supercommentaries; the diversity of Jewish lives and practices; education; histories, archaeology, and demographics; languages, literatures and linguistics; Israel Studies; antisemitism and Holocaust Studies; cultures, cultural practices, countercultures, fine arts, and a wealth of material culture.

CSJS Diversity Statement

Canadian Society for Jewish Studies—CSJS—is committed to being a safe and welcoming organization that embraces individuals of a wide range of identities, experiences, and backgrounds, inclusive of religions, languages, national origins, genders, and sexual orientations.

In addition, CSJS is open to scholars at varying stages of development. CSJS seeks to foster robust, scholarly conversation that engages junior and senior academics, graduate students, and independent scholars. CSJS values dialogue on all issues within our organization and in society at large.

The cohesiveness of our organization does not depend on unanimity; it depends on a willingness to listen and to speak with compassion and respect for one another.

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Canadian Society for Jewish Studies – Société canadienne d’études juives